Immagine the bow string and arrow guys!!!

String broke after my act and i left the arrow back stage.

Shot taken by N8te our lovely Belgian photagrapher.
Costume worn at animecon ( the Netherlands), i’d like to update a few things that can be done better, such as age the cape way more and make new kneecaps. But overall i’m really satisfied with the costume and all the things i learned making it.

It’s actually rather comfortable and easy to move around in as well since every piece is flexible. I can even go to the bathroom as if i was not wearing a costume.

I’m also proud to be the new BeNeLux ( Belgium, Netherlands and luxenbourgh) representative for the Yamato final in Brazil in 2015.

Meanwhile i can’t wait till it’s winter so i can go out in the snow with this. Or a dark Forrest, anything but offices and flowers. Still i’m glad to have a few shots of the outfit since i was stuck backstage most of the day.





For those who are curious, this is how my bedroom/bathroom looks 365 days out of the year. :) Yes, it’s my ACTUAL bedroom. And I’m proud to say, I decorated it all myself. I don’t just have a blog about Halloween, I LIVE it. It’s my inspiration. Much like this blog, Halloween is every day of the year in my world.

I can respect some 365 day halloween love. ;)

Holly. HEY, HOLLY!!